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Environment-Friendly Products for Wastewater Treatment

Like all living things, bacteria must eat to survive. Certain kinds of bacteria use the oil, hair, soap film and waste that tend to clog people’s drains for sustaining. At Cartier Environmental Service, we offer a range of ready to use powders, liquids and solids to help you deodorize portable toilets, mobile systems aboard vehicles, clean septic tanks, and more. These non-toxic and non-hazardous products provide the essential micro-nutrients to supplement bacteria's basic requirements, without harming the environment.

Each product is specially formulated for a specific job and is quick and easy to use:

(Portable Toilet Treatment)

Is used to treat and deodorize portable toilets and mobile systems aboard vehicles. 

(Septic Tank Treatment) - Out of Stock

Used to control solids and reduce the frequency of pump-outs.

(Urinal Treatment)

Individually wrapped for use in the base of urinals.

Toss Blocks 

(Urinal Block Refill)

Ready-to-use Wastewater Treatment

Eco-friendly range of solids, liquids and powders for waste water treatment.

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