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~ Natural Solutions for Our Environment ~


Cartier Environmental Services Inc. is a global biological company who offers unparalleled technical service, competitive prices, and overall value to our customers.   We are based in Leduc County, Alberta, Canada and proudly serve our communities nationwide as well as international markets using various environmental solutions.


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Cartier Environmental Service Inc. is a biological company offering a wide range of water treatment, sewage bacteria, water clarifiers, algaecides, lake bacteria products, along with pro and prebiotic feed supplements for livestock.


Our mission is to help clean up the environment and improve the quality of life for us and the next generations. We provide organizations with proven, quality products to handle any biological situation resulting from organic pollution.

The science of eco-friendly biological and bacterial products is an inexpensive and safe alternative for pollution control as the use of bacterial cultures eliminates the problem by attacking the point of origin rather than masking it.


Most testing and research on Cartier Environmental products for wastewater, industrial and municipal lagoons, etc., was conducted internationally and in and around Alberta, Canada and surrounding provinces.


We have experienced much success in various environmental solutions and applications. Our customers look to us for quality, eco-friendly products and dependable service, and we try to deliver on these expectations each and every time.

Our products are:

Composed of 100% naturally occurring, non-pathogenic micro-organisms specifically designed for various applications.

They provide the essential micro-nutrients to supplement bacteria's basic needs in both aerobic and anaerobic environments.

Specifically designed based on its abilities to degrade certain organics, as well as address the unique circumstances of the application.

Non-toxic and non-hazardous that have no negative effects on agriculture or aquaculture.

There is a tremendous need for this concept all over the world, particularly in countries with large populations and shortage of land for disposal of organic solids.  Globally, biotechnology by Cartier Environmental Services has also been tested in wastewater treatment, grease trap treatment, compost and pond clarifiers and approved in India, China, Japan, Mexico, Korea and USA.

Wide Range of Markets

Biologics have been used in many different applications showing an amazing reduction in odour and organic solids. From agricultural to industrial to institutional & wastewater, significant results have been obtained in the degradation of organic contamination, assisting in the cleanup of our environment.


There are various markets and applications that Cartier Environmental Service Inc. products are currently being used for:

Wastewater treatment 

Agriculture & Livestock

(Ammonia Reduction & Solids Control)

Manure pits

Holding lagoons

Livestock pen wall cleaner

Livestock pen floor spray

Pond clarifier


Wastewater treatment 

Feed Supplement

(CFIA Registered)

Most economical product on the market

Reduces livestock mortality

Improves feed conversion

Promotes weight gain in animals

Increases butter fat & protein (dairy)

Keep pits liquefied

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Pit and Lagoon Treatment

Keeps manure liquefied

Eliminates fly/insects

Reduces odours

Reduces ammonia

Easy and safe to use

Wastewater treatment 

Aquaculture Products

Improves clarity of water

Removes organic build-up on bottom

Reduces available nutrients

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(Fat, Oil & Grease, Odour & Solids Reduction)


Our range of biodegradable products helps you clear and prevent water line blockages.

Grease Traps


Septic Tank & Septic Fields

Portable Toilets



Breakdown of Fat, Oil & Grease

Odor Reduction

Clears and Prevents Line Restrictions

Reduces Pump-out Frequencies

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(Odour & Sludge Reducing)

Wastewater Treatment Plants

Sewer Lift Stations

Municipal Septic Lagoons

Wastewater treatment 

Wastewater Treatment


Avoid water stagnation and remove foul smell from the wastewater using our products.

Reduces solids and sludge

Decreases sludge disposal costs

Reduces odour

Reduces BOD and TSS

Reduces in polymer consumption

Improves system efficiency

Decreases operating costs



(Hydrocarbon Reduction)

Bioremediation accelerates the degradation of pollutants and is based on the principle that all organisms remove substances from the environment to carry out growth and metabolism. Bacteria and enzymes are the catalyst for degrading complex molecules and the broken down wastes they produce are recycled for other organisms to consume. The ability to degrade a pollutant is dependent on enzymes produced by the organism. Petroleum can only be degraded using bacteria with the ability to produce enzymes that use petroleum in a biochemical reaction. Bioremediation helps with:

Site Clean-up

Holding Pits

Oil Spills

Water Contamination

Decreases environmental liability

Reduces the disposal costs

Re-conditions unusable land

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