Micro-X    (Various Concentrations)

Is a bacterial powder concentrate designed for use as waste digestants in treatment plants, septic systems, drain lines and similar waste and odor control problems.  Each formulation is designed for optimal biological performance.


       (Micro-X with enzyme package)

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Micro-Solve  (Pulp & Paper)

Is a high potency, bacteria-laden, powdered formulation for use in degrading many types of pulp and paper waste.  It contains a specially formulated blend of micro-organisms, micro/macro nutrients, enzymes, and service tension suppressants developed for bio-augmentation.

Micro-Clear  (Water Clarifier)

Is a bacterial powder concentrate for use in controlling algae, ammonia, and nitrites through competition of available nutrients in the water.  Because of the diversity of the micro-organisms and enzymes this product is excellent for increasing water clarity.

Micro-Feed   (Fermentation Supplement for Livestock)

A feed additive that improves feed conversion and increases weight gain in the animal.

Other benefits include ammonia reduction in the barn/pen, keeps pits liquefied and moving and also treats outside lagoons at the same time.


(Micro-XE with water soluble carrier)
Micro-P    (Hydrocarbon Treatment)

Contains several types of micro-organisms that can degrade aliphatic and poly-nuclear aromatic hydrocarbon chemicals.  This product contains micro-flora that enables it to survive on hydrocarbon waste substances allowing it to utilize it as a source of carbon.
Micro Blast  (Anaerobic Systems)

Specially formulated from anaerobic bacteria and enzymes to increase activity in anaerobic digesters.  

Micro-C   (Compost)

A high potency bacteria, nutrients, enzymes blend designed for degrading many types of compost waste.

Micro-Feed is CFIA Registered (983167)

      (Canadian Food Inspection Agency)
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are CFIA Approved

(Canadian Food Inspection Agency)

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