Cartier Environmental Services  Inc. has been in the biotechnology business for many years, proudly serving our communities nationwide as well as international markets using various environmental solutions.  Our unparalleled technical service, competitive prices, and overall value are why our customers keep returning.  

Our main goal is to provide organizations with proven, quality products to handle any biological situation resulting from organic pollution.  

We also offer interested companies the opportunity to establish a distributorship business for the commercialization of biotechnology.  

You can reach us at:
90, 50512 Range Road 245
Leduc County, Alberta, Canada  T4X 0P5
Phone: (780) 955-5520
Fax: (780) 955-0250

Office Hours: 

Monday - Friday:  8:00 AM to 5:00 PM MST
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Natural Solutions For Our Environment ~
All products sold are on the Canadian DSL 
& most are CFIA approved.
(Hydrocarbon Reduction)

 ~ Site Clean-up ~ Holding Pits ~ Oil Spills ~ Water Contamination ~

Services Offered:

~ Hands-on Field Training ~
~ In-house & Site Training ~
~ Site Evaluation ~
~ Biological Process Design ~
~ Troubleshooting ~
~ 24 Hour Technical Support ~
~ Biotechnology / Biological Consultants

Assistance is provided with specialized technological advice, sharing of expertise and environmental consulting, along with providing an extensive product line specifically designed for your unique situation. Through indepth knowledge of the science, and bacterial / biological products and a clear understanding of how to approach available markets individuals are more confident in the pursuit of new and existing business.

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Cartier Environmental Services opened for business with the hopes of being one of the best in our area of expertise. Our customers look to us for quality, eco-friendly products and dependable service. We try to deliver on these expectations each and ever time. We believe that your satisifaction should be guaranteed.  

We have experienced much success in various environmental solutions and applications. This science is an inexpensive and safe, alternative for pollution control.  The use of bacterial cultures eliminates the problem rather than masks it by attacking the point of origin.
​Most testing and research on Cartier Environmental products for wastewater, industrial and municipal lagoons, grease trap, compost, pond clarifier and livestock feed additive was conducted in and around Alberta, Canada and surrounding provinces.  

There is a tremendous need for this concept all over the world, particularly in countries with large populations and shortage of land for disposal of organic solids.

Globally, biotechnology by Cartier Environmental Services has also been tested in wastewater treatment, grease trap treatment, compost and pond clarifiers and approved in India, China, Japan, Mexico, Korea and USA. 

It is our mission at Cartier Environmental Services to help clean up the environment and improve quality of life for all of us and the next generations.

There are various markets and applications that the Cartier Environmental Services products currently treat:


                                                                    (Odour & Sludge Reducing)     

      ~  Wastewater Treatment Plants ~ Sewer Lift  Stations ~ Municipal Septic Lagoons ~


                                        (Fat, Oil & Grease, Odour & Solids Reduction)

                  Grease Traps ~ Urinals ~ Septic Tank & Septic Fields ~ Portable Toilets ~


                                                (Ammonia Reduction & Solids Control)

                  ~ Manure Pits ~  Holding Lagoons ~ Livestock  Pen Wall Cleaner ~ 
                     ~ Livestock Pen Floor Spray ~ Pond Clarifier ~ Composting ~ 

  Cartier Environmental Services Inc.